I’m trying to extract the hashtags in tweets. So, what characters can a hashtags have?

Now, what I found is that, only English letters(lower case or upper case), numbers, underscore can be a part of the hashtag… So, no vowels, no CJK characters, no dash, no comma etc.

The regular expression to match a hashtag in tweet could be: #[\w]+

What’s your finding?


我住的房间里面提供了有线的网络接入方式,通过PPPoE连接到学校的网络,在房间里面也可以下论文,很方便。不过因为只有一个CABLE,所以我托同学从国内买了一个无线路由器(Buffalo WCR-G54)过来。元旦假期回来之后我就装上了这款路由器,配置耗时很长,而且自此麻烦不断。







The network access to TU Delft network is supplied via PPPoE. As a result, I can download the articles in the academic e-library in my room. It’s convenient. But as there is only one CABLE, I asked my friend to bring a wireless router(Buffalo WCR-54) from China. I installed it after my new year vocation. It took me a long time to configure it, and the trouble has been come again and again.

1. The default address of web portal for configuration is It’s a petty trick, but not a problem. You can always turn to the manual.

2. The router will restart once you try to save/apply every configuration. That is to say, one restart for setting up PPPoE account, one restart for wireless security, several restart to disable the useless functions. It took a long time to load the configuration interfaces, approximately 30 seconds!

3. Very few configurations can be done on this small gadget: DMZ, AOSS for wireless connection of PSP, NDS etc. It is useless for me, because I don’t use my PSP online. What’s more, some configuration doesn’t make a effect, e.g. the DNS for DHCP.

4. The worst problem is disconnection. It can happen at any time while you are using it. The causes could be various, sometimes for P2P software(once you start it, the router won’t work), sometimes for visiting video sharing sites. At the beginning, my laptop will explicitly disconnect from the router, and cannot reconnect to the wireless network unless you restart it manually by switching off/on it. Now, the connection may remains, but nothing will come out of this magic box. The only solution is to restart it.

I just had a search for this router on Google, a lot of people met the same problem. One post authored by a
person from Taiwan told us that, the maximum processing ability of this wireless router is 20Mbps. The 802.11g is not available at all. And it could make you disconnected from Internet even you only use it for surfing web or instant messaging.

In my opinion, this router should be the last choice for consumers.

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