Inspired by the video recommended by a friend, I decided to do something special for Christmas of 2010. That was cycling to Amsterdam. The estimated distance was about 60 kilometres. My colleague told me about his experienced route, which was helpful.

At about 12.00, I started my cycling from Delft. In the very beginning, Highway A4 was my reference, but soon I found that the bicycle lane is not always available along the highway. So I had to find the fietpad again and again in order to keep A4 in my sight. Soon after that, I found the canal. The canal is easy to recognize, but I had to find the right side in order to keep my bicycle on the right lane.

It was interesting when I tried to change to another side of the canal. I headed to west in order to find a bridge. After I got on the other side of the canal, it was very icy so I decided to get off my bike and eat some chocalate. I didn’t notice that there were a couple of geese in the canal. They walked towards me and asked for food… I thought they must be cold. I could tell from their sound. Unfortunately, they didn’t like my chocalate. Since I didn’t bring other food with me, I left them with regret. I felt sorry for them:(

The wind was strong on both side of the bank, especially while there was a large farm on either side. However, the road was not too icy until I approached Leiden. On the southwestern suburb of Leiden, the road was covered by snow or ice. Maybe the road was not often used by people.

It was a funny when I met a cycler who seemed to have some problem with his bicycle. I stopped and asked him whether he needed help, in English. To my surprise, he responded me in Chinese! Then I realized he was a Chinese student. I learned that he was a 4th-year PhD student in Leiden University, majored in Theoretical Chemistry. Luckily, there was not a big problem with his bike. We said goodbye to each other because he was going to go to Den Haag. It was also a long journey, and the road was the worst since I left Delft.

As I didn’t bring any drink with me, and I thought the road in the city will be better, I decided to go into Leiden instead of continuing going along the canal. I bought a bottle of orange juice from Lidl, and continued cycling. I had some difficulties in find the way out from Leiden, so I followed the instruction given by Google Map. As soon as I didn’t see the buildings in Leiden, I realized I had to find a good route leading to next stop. It was hard, because the highway was the best choice which I couldn’t choose because I was cycling not driving. The cycling instruction on the road was hard to understand because it said the direction to Amsterdam was the direction where I came from. However, I decided to chose one of the longer way.

There was farm on both side of the road. I tried to cycle against the headwind. I switched the gear combination of my bicycle to make cycling easier but slower. After got to Oud Ade, I headed east, and then got across the highway for another time. Then after traveling along the highway for about 2 kilometres, the bicycle lane beside the highway came to an end:( I went through an industrial area in order to arrive at Roelofarendsveen and Oude Wetering. Soon after that, I found a wide canal. The advised route was easy to follow, for it was along the canal for most of the waypoints. I saw a lot of decoratings for X’mas in front of the houses. Some people were sitting around a table to talk with other family members. I felt a little sad and it was almost 4.30, the time for sunset. I speeded up, aiming at reaching eastern side of Schiphol Aiport before 5.30. What I didn’t expect, was that the fietspad around Schiphol-Oost(Schiphol East) was almost covered by pure ice. So I walked for 2 kilometres. Then, finally, I saw a bridge. I was almost there.

I chose to follow the GPS instruction. It is always useful for travelling in a city. But it cannot tell you where the fietspad is. So I made a mistake, cycling on the side of the road which is expected to be for the automobiles. Then I heard a fietser shouted at me, then I realized that something might be wrong. I chose a narrower isolation strip to get through. Then the friendly fietser told me about the danger in Dutch, which obviously I couldn’t understand all of them. Then I said thank you, speeded up to save time, because I knew there were 4 persons waiting for me. It was easy to find the right way in Amstelveen, I arrived in Uilenstede residence area at 6.30pm. And the cycling was finally successful:)


After having a dinner of delicious hot pot, we decided to visit the Red Light Zone in Amsterdam:) It took about 40 minutes to Centraal Station by tram.

It was not advisable to take any photo of the women in the display window. So there will be no photo for them. What’s more, welcome to Amsterdam.:)

Something was decorated, including the bicycles:)

I felt tired after sleeping for 10 hours. So I decided to go back to Delft:) The public transportation in/around Amsterdam is perfect! Here are some photos.






因为我出发时没带水,并且我认为市里面的路也许会好一些,所以我决定走Leiden市中心,而不是继续沿着运河走。在Leiden的Lidl我买了一瓶橙汁然后继续骑行。在找从Leiden出来的路的时候,我遇到了一点儿麻烦,所以我按着Google Maps给出的指示前行。就在我不再见到Leiden城里那些整齐的房子时,我意识到我应该找条好点儿的道儿了。这不是件容易的事情,因为从地图上看,高速公路的方向是最直接的,但是由于我是骑自行车,所以不可能走高速。道路上的自行车路标也不是那么有用,因为我转了下,指向Amsterdam的牌子竟然指的是我来的方向!不过,我按照地图找了一条路来迂回过去。

刚开始上路的时候,路的两侧都是农田。本来就是逆风行驶,而空旷的环境使得风更加大了。我采用变速行驶,这样可以稍微省力一些。就这样顶风骑到了Oud Ade,之后我向东骑行2公里,又一次从高速公路下面穿过。这时高速公路旁有一段自行车道,不幸的是,这样的道儿很快就走到头了:( 之后我绕远穿过一片工业园区,此后到达Roelofarendsveen以及Oude Wetering。之后就发现了一条很宽的运河。GPS给出的建议路径很容易找,因为路径点基本上都在运河旁边,所以我这样骑行了大概10公里左右。在这一路上,运河岸上就是一户户人家,当看到他们门前的圣诞节装饰以及全家围坐在一张桌子前貌似在谈着什么的时候,我就觉得有点儿伤感。而且这时已经4点半了,也就是说太阳要落山了。所以我加快了速度,希望能在5点半之前到达Schiphol机场东侧。让我意想不到的是,机场东侧的自行车道已经都是冰了。所以我就推车走了2公里左右。然后我终于看到了一座桥,那时候我知道,我快到了。





Some people can always introduce the stuffs that can rise me up. Here it comes again. In June of 2006, two people tried to travel from Beijing to Berlin, and the travelling method was to find the people who would like to give them a lift. They travelled about 16,000km, left their footprints in north-western China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and, of course, Germany. They experienced a lot of difficulties in finding some warm-hearted people that would like to give them a lift on the road. It was more difficulty in China. And many funny things came out of the unexpected world.

Just last a few days, someone said can we travel from the Netherlands back to China on road? At that time, we both know that was a joke. But after watched the video these two people recorded, I was totally raised up. I’m thinking about what can I do in creating such a wonderful experience. Maybe in my life, it will be a great feeling to give such kind of people a lift on their long long march.

Since started my postgraduate degree, I have been being moved by such great stories. In the summer of 2008 and 2009, some of my college classmates took a ride from Chengdu to Lhasa. Last week, Ms. T. Zhou introduced the amazing blog written by a girl. A girl told me about her interesting experience in the place which was not that peaceful as we lived in China…

All these things attracted my attention, almost at the same time I had the willing to have a try to do the same thing… But… I don’t have time, I don’t have enough preparation, I don’t know the people who might go with me. I should have a more detailed plan for this four year. Basically, it will be academic life. Beside this, there are some other things that I can do, for the preparation for the life after the school life.


There’s less than 10 days left before X’mas. “15″ departed from Schiphol yesterday. The airport must be the best place to let people memorize the feeling of saying goodbye. After coming back to Delft, suddenly I felt lonely in my room. I realized that it would be the first new year without the family, in a city which is almost 8000km away from home. Anyway, I have to read more, talk more, even code more in order to forget the feeling of being in the different country from China.:)

Anyone who wants to receive the postcard from the Netherlands? Please drop me a message with your address:)


As I moved to van Hasseltlaan in late November, I have to go to school by bike. In the first few days, I rode my old bicycle which I bought from a Dutch old man. Several days later, I found it is not working very well. The rear wheel was not cycling stably, because of its roller came out. After struggling with myself for a couple of hours, I decided to buy a new one. So I went to Rotterdam, bought a brand-new bike Kross Hexagon V6. It cost me 299 euro. Now, I always have two chain locks along with my bike.

It takes me 12-15 mins to travel from my room to my office, vice versa. There is a main canal flowing through the city of Delft. I have to go over it by a bridge. Everyday, I climb up to the top of the bridge, enjoying the sightseeing on the bridge and get to my office soon after that.

I also planned to ride for long distance on the one of the best fietspad(Dutch, the lane for bicycles) infrastructure in the world. When next spring comes, I will have a more detailed plan.



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